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I did the Twist and Detox sequence two days in a row, cos you know, the way to fix something really painful is to do it again right? Yeah, I know, I'm an idiot.

I suspect my colleagues got sick of me complaining about my "broken" ribs so I was ordered not to do it again. Ever. I probably will but I'll save it for days off work. So today I decided do a Jason Crandell sequence only to find that my iPod had deleted them all. So whilst I'm waiting for them to redownload I went for the easiest sounding lessons of the four I had left.

I ended up with this 20 minutes Gentle Flow sequence which states it suitable for beginners. However the lesson starts with blocks right away, which I didn't own until I'd been doing yoga for over a year so that rather threw me.

The poses themselves were mostly easy enough, though not things I would have trusted myself with 6 months ago, not without a hoist to rescue me if I got stuck anyway. Some of the side twists I could do to the advanced level whilst some I needed major assistance from the blocks for others, I guess I can twist away from my body better than I can twist over it. Which is useful to know cos its another area to focus on.

I find it hilarious that people in the comments are bitching about the Down Dogs in this though, it's a "calming" sequence with Tree in it and you're focusing on Down Dog? I still hate Tree. I will probably always hate Tree. I still tried to do, even though its anything but calming, and I crashed out immediately, as always. Next time I do this sequence I'll replace it with something less stressful. Like juggling scorpions :p

Kathryn Budig's teaching style is starting to grow on me though, it's not as relaxing as Jason Crandell's but it does make the lesson go more quickly. Plus I'm more aware that its ok to get the pose wrong and therefore end up working hard towards getting it right because failure is less scary.
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Just did this 20 minute Twist and Detox and wow, my legs are killing me. This was a waaaay faster sequence than I'm used to and I struggled to understand some of the instructions so in the end I cut out a lot of the Up Dogs in favor of keeping up with the main poses. I actually managed all the poses with minimal difficulty and not one fall, though twisting with hands in prayer position isn't all that easy when you have rather sizable sweater cows.

Lost another 2lbs. Sleep now.
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When did I last update? April 28th? Bugger.

Yeah, May wasn't the best month in terms of health. I finally left training and started proper extended shift work in my extremely stressful new job, which pretty much destroyed my immune system. Plus a lovely stomach bug and a bunch of serious family stresses resulted in a month on laying on the floor and feeling sorry for myself.

I have managed to do a little of the Yin Yoga sequence I mentioned last time a few times a week but not very much. I have been doing hand poses and a bunch of shoulder stretches pretty much continuously at work to try to stay calm but I knew it wasn't enough.

I finally got an effective wake-up call at my consultant appointment when I was told I'd regained all the weight I'd lost over Christmas and was told I'd need to go to physio for my knee (suspected old break or fracture) and back/chest pain. I'm extremely sensitive about my weight, and being told I was gaining rather than losing upset me a lot. That's the main reason I stopped touching the Wii Fit, I couldn't cope with the nastiness of the machine if I gained a pound, so being told I'd gained 7 was a slap in the face.

Thankfully I hadn't gained 7lbs. Five of them were my shoes. Yes I am that much of an uber goth that my shoes weigh 5lbs. In the week since I've managed to shift another 3lbs by going back to my old non-self-pitying diet. I'm only eating one chocolate a day now rather than two whole bars. Trying to stay under 1,500 calories, generally managing around 800 on days when I can't walk my two morning miles.

Anyway, now I'm a pound lighter than I was at my previous best. Huzzah. Just another 40 to go.

Been doing my usual Jason Crandell sequences all week but I felt like a change today so I decided to try this sequence that Yoga Journal posted on twitter. I was quite surprised when I managed to do the Three-Legged Down Dog pose without difficulty. I also got further into Virasana (Hero) than I have before, it's a difficult pose for me as a I carry a lot of my weight at the bottom of my thighs so its hard to bend my knees that far. However, during the set up for Vasisthasana (Side Plank) something went CRACK in my left foot. It doesn't actually hurt, just aches, so I think it was something I put out of place two weeks ago (I kicked a door) going back into position, but there was no way my foot would support me in poses I normally struggle with anyway. When the pose progressed to waving feet in the air I just had to laugh. There ain't no way I can do that yet!!

I'm gonna do some shape boxing, then try to do a relaxing sequence later on.

I don't have a date for my physio appointments yet, I have no idea what to expect, last time I had physio was about 8 years ago and it really didn't go well. It was when I first started showing symptoms of fibromyalgia and connective tissue problems and whilst the PT was very sympathetic the PTA actually doing the therapy was not and refused to treat me at all during my last two appointments. Frankly I'm rather worried that it's going to be more of the same.
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This week I've mostly been following Jason Crandell's "Relaxation Sequence" video from as it's mostly made up of seated twists and forward bends. Since my left hip has been partially out of joint all week I didn't think it was really safe to risk any standing poses. I've fallen on my face before during yoga, it's an experience I'd rather avoid.

In this weeks practice I've learned/achieved:-

I actually managed to reach the edge of my foot in Parshva Upavistha Konasana (Side Seated Angle) which is a very big thing for me. My hips, thighs and back are very tight and don't bend well, plus I'm sure my arms are too stubby, anyway being able to get even close to my feet in any seated bend is an acheivement. Actually touching my foot, huge event.

Gomukhasana (Cow Faced Pose) is a wierd one for me, despite my left hip being the troublesome one I always find that its the right one that objects to this pose the most. Despite my arms being pretty week (I still struggle with Down Dog most days) I find that there is absolutely no challenge in the arm portion of the pose, I can easily grip my wrists behind my back in this pose. Similarly I find nothing challenging in following my hands into prayer position behind my back either.

I've found that I adore the prep version of Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (One-Legged Pigeon Pose) though again I can get into the pose perfectly with my left leg behind, but with it in front my right hip protests too much to get all the way to the floor. So for now I'm working with a bolster on both sides of the pose, rather than stretching one side a lot further than the other, I suspect that'd just make the problem worse. I wish I could stay in this pose for an hour at a time, it's wonderfully relaxing.

Ardha Matsyendrasana 1 is also incredibly relaxing, and is one of the few seated poses that I can get into prefectly in both directions. I have to admit I often just watch TV or read in this pose, probably not a good idea but my hips seem to like it.

I hate Supta Padangusthasana (Reclining Big Toe Pose) as I can't reach either of my feet, and even getting them with a strap is a painful struggle. I'm also not a fan of Balasana (Child's Pose) as my legs are too fat to get into the position comfortably and bruised knees don't appreciate the pressure. Clearly I'm some kind of freak cos everyone else seems to love it.

Thankfully my hip went back into its socket at about 2am last night (mmm being woken by screaming pain, such fun!) so I'm going to attempt a different sequence tonight, probably the backbend sequence from the same series.


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