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Almost two months since I last posted. Wow. Think have not been good. My health has taken a nose dive. I no longer have the energy to paint or draw at night let alone do yoga. As a result my back has gone completely. Two weeks ago I gave in and went home sick from work due to the back pain. the painkillers I have are powerful but ones I've had before and that have always work but no matter how many I take it doesn't seem to make a dent. So I had my first ever physiotherapy session today.

General conclusion is that my doctors are dumbasses and I should have been in physio years ago.

My feet are flat but don't actually show any signs of being flat, in that they work as perfectly normal feet, my arches are good and my flexibility is excellent, but the insides of my feet still touch the ground. PT thinks this is due to my knees turning inwards, and that's caused by either my hips being malformed/weak or due to lack of lower back/stomach tone.

My left knee cap is probably broken. Both ankles are suspect.

Both calf muscles are too short, as are both hamstrings. Oddly my right hamstring has 60 degree impairment, whilst the left is only 40 degrees impaired. I say this is odd because typically I've always had much more freedom of movement on the right side, whilst the issues with my left hip joint has always caused problems. I have no idea when my right leg became worse. PT is concerned about the lack of treatment for the horrible muscle cramp of doom.

I have no movement in my lower spine when bending backwards, none at all. I have a bit of a hump at the top of my spine but it still has movement so might be fixable. Despite the pain being mostly on the left side of my spine I have much more movement bending left than right. So it looks like the pain is being transferred which kinda explains why all the things I was doing to try to relieve it haven't worked.

I have a list of exercises to do twice a day for a week.

1. Practice bad posture and persuade my lower spine too slouch.
2. Wierd side twists (adapted since I'm at the highest possible level of flexibility in that area due to yoga)
3. Knee lifts whilst lying on one side.
4. Hamstring stretches.
5. Stomach hollowing whilst lying flat to flatten spine.

The last pose left me in tears. All I had to do was suck in my stomach. That's not really hard. It was however excruciatingly painful and still hurts now. PT now understands why I'd stopped doing any core exercise and is really annoyed that my doctors waited so long to get me stomach scans (due on 14th).

I should have a bunch more exercises to do but the PT doesn't want me to do much with my abdomen for now, so I have to wait til next week to see if I can manage it.

Can't do most yoga, I can do only the teeniest most gentlest sequences imaginable. PT didn't believe I could get into first pigeon pose with hamstrings like this, though I did point out that they'd tightened since the backpain got so bad.


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