Sep. 23rd, 2010

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I'm still having physiotherapy. We've only recently started work on my actual spine, the loss of core muscle structure was so severe there wasn't really anything to work with. Th process is still horrendously painful but the after effects are gradually improving. I can finally touch the floor from standing again.

However I still have bad days, so I asked my doctor about my pain meds. I' currently taking two co-codamol at a strength of 30/500 ever 6 hours. It isn't really making a dent on the pain, mostly it just leaves me feeling spacy and wierd. I'm wierd enough as it is, I don't need help on that front.

I pointed out that most over the counter painpills have very little effect on me as I take so many to deal with my usual day today pain.The only tablet that has a lasting effect is Aspirin and that just makes me bruise horribly.

So he doctor suggested I swap the co-codamol for paracetamol 500. Yes, because the same quantity of paracetamol without the codeine is going to be soooo much more effective than taking it with the codeine. I must have looked at him as if he were stoned as he then suggested I take Ibuprofen 400. Not with anything else, just on its own. He might as w3ell have suggested homeopathy or taking 2 Skittles every 4 hours for the good that would do me.

I'm stuck taking the co-codamol as he wouldn't offer anything else.



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