Jun. 14th, 2010

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I did the Twist and Detox sequence two days in a row, cos you know, the way to fix something really painful is to do it again right? Yeah, I know, I'm an idiot.

I suspect my colleagues got sick of me complaining about my "broken" ribs so I was ordered not to do it again. Ever. I probably will but I'll save it for days off work. So today I decided do a Jason Crandell sequence only to find that my iPod had deleted them all. So whilst I'm waiting for them to redownload I went for the easiest sounding lessons of the four I had left.

I ended up with this 20 minutes Gentle Flow sequence which states it suitable for beginners. However the lesson starts with blocks right away, which I didn't own until I'd been doing yoga for over a year so that rather threw me.

The poses themselves were mostly easy enough, though not things I would have trusted myself with 6 months ago, not without a hoist to rescue me if I got stuck anyway. Some of the side twists I could do to the advanced level whilst some I needed major assistance from the blocks for others, I guess I can twist away from my body better than I can twist over it. Which is useful to know cos its another area to focus on.

I find it hilarious that people in the comments are bitching about the Down Dogs in this though, it's a "calming" sequence with Tree in it and you're focusing on Down Dog? I still hate Tree. I will probably always hate Tree. I still tried to do, even though its anything but calming, and I crashed out immediately, as always. Next time I do this sequence I'll replace it with something less stressful. Like juggling scorpions :p

Kathryn Budig's teaching style is starting to grow on me though, it's not as relaxing as Jason Crandell's but it does make the lesson go more quickly. Plus I'm more aware that its ok to get the pose wrong and therefore end up working hard towards getting it right because failure is less scary.


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